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30+ Years in the Visual Arts

Please visit our newest product:
GigaRender Mapping
- The 1st in a series of bespoke maps made on the GigaRender platform: DUMBO Brooklyn NYC 3d Map
- 2nd New York Noir
- 3rd NYC Film
- 4th VisitHD High-line Park NYC

In the spirit of GoolgeGlass [ 1 ] and Microsoft Research [ 1 ]
Lifelog [ 1 ] project started to record everything.


ALERT, I may have been caught up in [ 1 ] the surveillance dragnet by photographing a security detail [ 1 ] and the Occupy Wall Street [ 1 ] protests. This is in addition to the tens of thousands of NYC photographs I was taking for a panorama project (stopped several times).

To be clear, I have no association with any "Occupy.." type group and have a extensive history photographing NYC since the mid-1970s.

Several alternate story lines may have been created that I need your help to identify. If anything comes to mind or you just want to chat send me a note.